About Me

Hi! I'm Candy, perhaps better known as Candace Morehouse, a self-employed freelance writer and author.

A limited income and living in a rural location mean that I've generally get a lot of time at home (actually I like it that way; I'm a real homebody). How do I spend it? Usually I'm either cooking, baking, cleaning, improving my home, or scrapbooking. I've been referred to as "Betty Crocker" as well as "Martha Stewart" and "Suzie Homemaker" before.

(That's not really me there on the right, but close enough. One of these days I'll get a friend to take an actual picture in my kitchen so you can put a real face to the real name of Candy).

I'm kind of anal about my home and how things look. I've been known to get up in the middle of watching a movie and rearrange knick knacks just because I think they'll look better in a different place.

I also believe strongly in making my own all-natural cleaning supplies and beauty products. I love experimenting with formulas and saving money!

Inspired by the movie Julie and Julia, I've decided to take that passion and provide 365 days of recipes ranging from food to natural cleaning supplies to decorations to beauty products - all budget- and eco-friendly. And, well, I'm a writer by trade so writing blog posts is something I enjoy anyway. But... This is my most ambitious project to date. Can I do it? Can I keep that passion for writing recipes for an entire year? Stick with me and find out!

I love to hear from readers! Feel free to tell me what you like, what you don't, and add any tips you feel might be useful for others in the comments.

--Candy the Recipe Queen