Friday, August 3, 2007

Top 10 Benefits of E-Publishing

I finally did it.

Today marks my official entry into the world of blogging.

I have to post a shout-out to my friends at the most wonderful website ever created for romance authors, Many of my fellow authors also have myspace pages and blogs and their support certainly helped me to get this far. Thank you divas! It is great to be one of you!

My first book is being published in an e-book format. Many discussions at Romance Divas concentrate on the pros and cons of e-publishing. If, as a romance author, your manuscript does not get accepted by Harlequin (the premier romance publisher), take heart. There is no shame in contracting with a smaller publishing house who first offers your book in an e-format. Here are 10 reasons to feel good about e-publishing:

  1. E-publishers only accept quality works, just like the big New York print publishers do. Your e-book will join many other well-written and enjoyable reads by up and coming authors.
  2. E-publishers have similar rejection rates to print publishers based on the quality (or lack thereof) of the manuscript submitted. If you write something bad, don't expect an e-publisher to pick it up because it is easier to get in with them.
  3. Royalty percentages for e-books are higher since production fees are much lower.
  4. Smaller publishers treat you more like a member of the family. In a big publishing house, you're just a number (unless you're Nora Roberts in which case you get to call all the shots while you count your millions).
  5. E-publishers work hard at promotion of your book, as well as themselves and their websites. BUT, the author must also make an effort to promote him/herself.
  6. E-books are very popular overseas, particularly in Asian countries. The trend can only continue to rise.
  7. Even big print publishers are getting their hands into e-publishing. HarperCollins and Random House are both in the process of digitizing their large libraries of books.
  8. Many e-publishers, such as Champagne Books, offer wonderful editing and cover art services. Champagne artists produce some of the most beautiful covers anywhere.
  9. While many people still like to cuddle up with a good book in print, the availability of book readers like the Sony Portable Reader and STAReBOOK is making e-books more popular. Downloads are instant and cheaper than buying a printed book. Fictionwise offers a huge selection of e-books for download.
  10. E-publishing is not vanity publishing. The author pays for nothing (at least they shouldn't and if you are asked to, run, don't walk, to a new publisher) and receives the benefit of excellent services from the publisher.

Write on!

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