Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Adding Romance - Tips to Romanticize the Single Woman's Life

Valentine’s Day, when you are unattached, can be the worse holiday of the year. I know, I’ve been there many times!

It is not, however, an excuse to wallow in misery. Instead of thinking about the absence of a lover, why not treat yourself to some romantic indulgence? After all, you deserve it! Try some, or all, of these tips and enjoy the assault on your senses.

* Just because you are eating alone doesn’t mean your meal has to be boring. Try putting a vase with a single flower in it and a lit candle on the dinner table. Even frozen dinners taste better in the right ambience.

* Burn a candle as soon as you get home. Who doesn’t like their place to smell nice?

* Take a bath instead of a shower. When was the last time you relaxed in a tub full of bubbles with a glass of wine, a lit candle and a good book (preferably a romance!)?

* After washing your bed sheets, spritz them with a little of your favorite scent. The feeling of lying between fresh sheets that smell good is delicious!

* Add a fresh strawberry or raspberry to your glass of soda or wine and sip it while listening to a CD of your favorite relaxing music.

* Buy some sexy new underthings (Victoria’s Secret has the best) and wear it under your business attire. Try garters and stockings instead of pantyhose.

* Schedule a massage for the end of the day. After you get home, dive into a box of expensive, decadent chocolates.

* Invest in an herb or flower-filled neck wrap that can be heated in the microwave (best place to find one is at your local business offering spa and massage services). At the end of a stressful day putting a warm wrap around your neck is incredibly soothing and it smells good, too!

* Raid your local video store and rent an armload of “chick flicks” for video night. After all, when you’re attached your man will most likely be less than interested in watching a romantic movie so now's the time to catch up on that latest sappy romance.

* Head to the library or the bookstore and find some wonderful romance novels to sink your teeth into. Of course, some of the best are on www.champagnebooks.com (as mine will be in March!).

Now, go forth and find romance!

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