Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In Memoriam: Dave Muth

A Tribute to Dave Muth

May, 1951 - October 26, 2008

In nearly every sense of the phrase, Dave Muth was “larger than life”. At least until now, when he was taken away from all of those who knew, respected, and loved him.

I had the extreme privilege of working for Dave Muth for five years at the Hilton Phoenix East/Mesa. He was an exceptionally intelligent man known for not only his business acumen, but his sense of equity, his patience, compassion, and good judgment. Along with his lovely wife, Carolyn, he raised four wonderful sons: Aaron, Nick, Ben, and Sam. I got to know all of them through the course of my employment as Mr. Muth’s assistant and my heart goes out to this family who has experienced such an enormous loss.

There are many things about Dave Muth I will never forget: his passion for sports, his rich, deep laughter, the way he always took care of me. I remember weekly and monthly meetings at the hotel when he would use some sort of sports analogy to make a point. Most of all I remember one of his favorite sayings: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. To this day, I recall that saying and apply it to my life almost on a daily basis.

As a boss, he rewarded me with his trust and affection. As a citizen, he gave back to his community through many charitable efforts and donations of both time and money. As a football coach, he deftly developed the confidence and ability of many youths. As a person, he was just, simply, a great man and an inspiration to all who knew him and worked with him.

When I was looking for a photo to post, I came across this one on the left. You might not be able to recognize him beneath the fake facial hair, but anyone who attended the annual hotel Christmas party will identify Santa as Dave Muth – a role he was always eager to play.

I will forever remember his impact on my life and be grateful for the opportunity to be a small part of his life. Did he know how much he meant to me? I can only hope so.

For all the people who were blessed by his easy generosity, strength of character, and wealth of wisdom, his presence in our lives will truly be missed. Dave Muth, thank you for touching my life and may you forever rest in peace in the presence of the Lord.


  1. I remember him always using that saying. He told it to me so many times and I still remember. Funny how you brought that up.
    That was a very beautiful thing that you wrote. I am sure he is happy to hear that and I think he knows how much you cared about him. I think he know how much we all cared about him.

    May he be with the lord, and I know that he is watching over us.

  2. My family and I express our deepest sympathy in the loss of our dear friend, Dave Muth. He was a great friend, great Rotarian, and one of the best people we will ever have the privilege to know. He will be sorely missed.

    Jack A. Rosenberg and Family