Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Review of Michael Davis’ Forgotten Children

Mark and Don are old football buddies from college. Now they are fellow reporters at the local newspaper in Lawton, VA. A chance circumstance brings them thick into the middle of a web of intrigue and danger as they begin to investigate a series of suspicious deaths in town, beginning with a former professor.

The only thing that seems to be the common denominator between the series of unexplained deaths, recent political and corporate shenanigans, and an overabundance of children born in Lawton who suffer from a rare genetic disease is the town’s largest employer: BSSI.

Along the way to uncovering the truth behind all these events, Mark is trying to get his wife, Sara, pregnant. Little does Mark realize that in the end, Sara, the center of his life, will be a key component to figuring out exactly what nefarious deeds are going on in the small town of Lawton.

Once again, Michael Davis weaves a story of intrigue, mystery, and suspense which keeps the reader guessing until the end. Complicated plot lines and good characterization are what define a Davis novel and these elements have been amply supplied in Forgotten Children. With an almost futuristic aspect to the plot which is apparent from the first chapter, this book seems to encompass more than one genre: suspense and science fiction.

For a good read which will hold your interest until the last page and alternately makes you gasp, shed a tear, and cry out in indignation, Forgotten Children fits the bill.

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