Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It’s All About Promotion

At least that’s what, as a romance author, I’ve been told over and over again by the wonderful staff at my publisher, Champagne Books. It’s not just enough to write a romance novel and get it published.

That’s when the real work just begins. Blogging, chatting, book signings, handing out bookmarkers and business cards, marketing the website, posting excerpts, creating profiles at book-related sites, social networking – the list goes on and on.

Honestly, how’s anyone with a “real” job supposed to write another book, let alone keep the home fires burning so they remember what romance is supposed to be like, and keep up on promotion?

Yeah, it can be difficult. Unfortunately, just because you create an artistic piece doesn’t mean someone will find it, and buy it. Promotion is the difference between being a no-name artist and one who becomes an icon.

Even so-so artists have been able to make a career out of their art because of great promotion. Take Bob Dylan and Madonna, for example. Or Willie Nelson. None of these singers is particularly talented vocally, yet all have made millions of dollars.

For a romance novelist, the road can be rocky indeed. I know very few authors have ever made big bucks on their first novel. Look at Janet Evanovich. She started out writing category romances for Harlequin many moons ago. Were those books great literary works of art? Hardly. But I guess they paid the bills until she could sell the fantastic novels she writes now.

Does that mean I aspire to be a so-so writer who just markets herself successfully? Not in the least. I’d much rather be known as a good writer, but am realistic enough to realize that is not enough in today’s ultra-competitive market.

Call me a promo whore. Maybe one of these days it will pay the bills.

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  1. Hi Candace. Great post and so very true! I spend more time wondering how or where I'm supposed to find time to write than actually doing it. Still laughing about Bob Dylan. He was one of my favorites once upon a time because an old boyfriend liked him! LOL When we broke up I realized he couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. Good luck with your writing and your books!