Sunday, September 6, 2009

Review of Patricia Bates' Borderline Sin

I was very pleased to have read my dear friend Patricia Bates' latest release, Borderline Sin. It is available September 7th from Blade Publishing. Here's my review:

Borderline Sin is a good, old-fashioned western historical romance. It tells the tale of Marie Logan, a tough farmer in 19th century Canada. When her sister, Emma, comes back from boarding school in a family way but without a husband, Marie sets out to make the baby’s father do what is right. Marie gets to Flathead, Montana just in time to disrupt the wedding of the brother of Emma’s beau. When she insists on riding across America’s west and Midwest to find the errant father-to-be, William abandons his bride and accompanies her. Along the way, William and Marie are constantly at odds – and on those rare occasions they aren’t fighting, something much deeper develops.

I just loved Borderline Sin. It reminded me so much of the historical western romances I loved reading when I just a teenager. Marie is a pants-wearing, tough cookie with a mean left hook. William is an officer of the law, Flathead’s town marshal, and not afraid to use his official position to get what he wants; what he ultimately wants is Marie.

Patricia’s style of writing is easy to read yet her descriptions of time and place deftly portray the sights, sounds, and noise of the old west. She pulls the reader in with strong depictions of both the scenery and familiar human emotion. In the end there are no bad guys, but merely people you can relate to, with normal expectations and desires.

Borderline Sin is a wonderful read and will be enjoyed by anyone who loves western romances and the history of the old west. It’s got action and adventure, love and sex, and all are provided in just the right dose. With each book of Patricia’s I read, I fall more in love with her style and her stories.
So run on over to Blade's website and give Patricia some love. This is a great read. And the cover is really lovely. Patricia shared the original version, complete with "poser person" (computer-generated, video game kind of person). I'm really glad her publisher agreed to the second version...

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