Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9, 2011: Body Wash Recipe

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Although I’ve dedicated the month of March to spring cleaning and natural cleaning products, I have to share a recipe I cooked up recently for a body wash (hey, that’s cleaning, too!).

I’d run out of the product I was using, which was made from olive oil. But rather than throw away the pump container, I kept it and refilled it with my own mixture. The result? This formula works great – it suds up nicely, smells good, and it’s gentle on the skin. Although I keep mine in the shower for a body wash, there’s no reason you couldn’t use this soap for your face or even your hair, in a pinch.

I used a base of castile soap, which is a staple you should always keep around the house for cleaning just about anything under the sun. I have a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Lavender; although traditional castile soap is made from olive oil this hemp oil version is just as gentle and it doesn’t have an overpowering scent.

Homemade Body Wash

1 cup Castile soap (any type)
3 T. Emollient oil (I used almond oil but I imagine that any type of emollient, vegetable-based oil, such as coconut, olive, etc. would work just fine)
15 drops Essential oil (I used peppermint for its invigorating scent)

Pour all ingredients into your pump or squeeze container. Shake before using.

Although I like the peppermint scent, next time I’m going to try my favorite – lemongrass – along with an unscented castile soap formula.

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