Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27, 2011: Culinary Stats and a Faux Lipstick Recipe

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I’ve been a member of Shopper’s Voice (you know - those long surveys you get in the mail sometimes asking for all your information just short of blood type?) for some time. It’s not that I like filling out surveys so much but that I enjoy getting the special offers and coupons that are a benefit of membership.

Recently, Shopper’s Voice sent a little booklet along with my coupons and in it they shared some of the statistics gleaned from a recent survey. I was rather surprised; I’ve always thought I’m somewhat unusual – a throwback to an earlier time, like Betty Crocker's granola girl alter ego, if you will. I love thumbing through recipes and cooking tips and the only types of periodicals I read on a regular basis are cooking magazines.

Well, according to the results of this Shopper’s Voice survey, I’m not alone! Take a look:

Question: What types of leisure activities do panel members and their family enjoy?

Homestyle cooking – 47%
Outdoor grilling – 46%
Home Improvement – 38%
Gardening – 38%
Crafts – 27%

These are my top choices!

Question: What types of books or magazines do panel members enjoy reading?

Cooking or culinary – 36%
Bestselling fiction – 32%
Bible or Devotional – 28%
Medical or Health – 26%
People or Entertainment – 21%

I don’t agree with all of these but cooking and the Bible are two of my top choices. I just didn’t realize so many others shared that passion with me…

Anyway, I thought those statistics were pretty interesting and I wanted to share them with you.

And, since I owe you a recipe, here’s a quickie gleaned from the latest issue of Redbook magazine:

Kool-Aid Lipstick

Kool-Aid (any red variety, such as cherry or punch)

Just mix a little water with the Kool-aid powdered drink mix – just enough to form a paste. Use a cotton swab to paint it on your lips.

Works great (remember being a kid and your tongue being stained when you licked the Kool-aid powder? Same principle applies here!) and it’s incredibly C.H.E.A.P. Need I say more?

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