Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 29, 2011: Better Than Sex Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

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This recipe is courtesy of my dear friend, Phyllis. When it comes to baking cakes and all sorts of desserts, she is truly the queen. Her desserts not only look absolutely perfect and professional, they taste like heaven!

This recipe is actually meant for a sheet cake in a 13 x 9 inch pan, but I decided to use it for cupcakes. It made a big mess, but they came out really yummy and looked good, too. In fact my niece, Kira's, comment was "Oh my God!" after she bit into one. Guess they got her seal of approval!

Better Than Sex Chocolate Cupcakes

1 box chocolate cake mix (your choice of variety)
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 12-ounce jar caramel ice cream topping
1 small container whipped topping, such as Cool Whip
3 Heath candy bars, crushed (I used a package of Heath toffee bits)

Bake cake as directed on package for cupcakes (I used one 12-cup and one 6-cup cupcake tins). Let sit for 5 minutes. With a toothpick, poke holes all over the surface of the cupcakes. Pour the sweetened condensed over the top. Next, pour the caramel topping over the top of the cupcakes (you probably won't need the whole jar). Spread over the cupcakes; periodically spoon the excess back on top. When completely cool, "frost" with whipped topping and sprinkle with candy bits.

Note: I put an additional, clean paper cup over the cupcakes before frosting them as they were very sticky! You might have to eat them with a fork...

Makes 18 cupcakes


  1. I'm going to say OMG just from reading it! OMG!!!!

  2. These were definitely the faves (between coconut key lime and chocolate) but I do recommend you try the cake first because it absorbs more of the caramel and milk.