Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5: 2011: Frugal Spring Makeover Recipes

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Well, it finally feels like spring has sprung here in the White Mountains. Although it’s supposed to get cooler again next week, the past couple days have been nice and warm. I even put on shorts for the first time this year yesterday… And probably blinded people with my exceedingly white legs.

I don’t know about you but when the temps finally get warm, I’m ready to makeover my home. I want all the dreary, dark drabness of winter to be gone so I can let in the brightness and warmth of spring. Of course, this can be a real challenge if your budget is slim to none, like mine.

Here a few ways I’ve managed to spruce up my home for spring without spending much of anything.

Kitchen Cabinets

While there’s still a lot of things I want to do to my kitchen in terms of remodeling (primarily a new sink/faucet and countertops), I can still change it for the better with a few little touches.

One thing I’ve been wanting to do is replace all the knobs on the cabinets. There’s 24 of them so this could be an expensive project all in itself. But I ended up spending only $1.73. How did I do it? I’ve been a member of a survey site for quite some time. Every now and then, when I have a few minutes, I’ll take a survey and earn points. I finally earned $20, which is the minimum payout, and ordered an Amazon gift certificate as my reward.
The old, brass knobs
The new, black knobs

I found 24 of these knobs, which were exactly what I was looking for, on Amazon for just over $13. With shipping, the total came to $21.73 so the only money I had to spend was just over a dollar. Although it’s a small change, I think the new knobs make a big difference.

Up next? New paint. And since the painted areas in my kitchen are really small, it won’t take more than one gallon even with two coats; I’ll be able to finish this project for less than $20.

Bedroom Makeover

One of the first things I do when the weather is finally warm enough is take the electric blanket off my bed, washing it before I stow it away in a cedar chest for the season.

With the bulky electric blanket gone, I replace it with a quilt my mother-in-law made. The quilt is lightweight and the predominant color is yellow – it looks sunny and fresh and really brightens the room.

The next thing I do is remove the heavy, dark drapes I use to help insulate my house in the winter. They get replaced with very lightweight, cotton curtains or a simple valance. This adds natural light to the bedroom and looks fresh.

Total cost of this simple makeover? $0!

These are just a couple things I’ve done to very frugally perform a seasonal makeover to my home. I’ll share more makeover recipes with you throughout the rest of the year so stay tuned!

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