Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16, 2011: More Household Hair and Face Fixes

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By now you know how thrifty I am – there’s nothing I enjoy more than finding a new use for household items. Here’s a few hair and skin ideas using household products, most gleaned from an old issue of Cosmopolitan.


Fresh out of eyeliner? Light a match! Blow it out, then run the tip of the cooled match along the base of your eyelashes for a truly “smoky” hue!

Overnight Hairdo

Want a hairstyle that requires little fuss? Wash your hair at night and while still damp, wind around a length of cut-up T-shirt. Loosely knot the ends. Do this all over; get a good night’s sleep, and then remove the rags in the morning. Gently brush out your “pin curls” with your fingers and you’re ready to go!

Hair Volumizer

Yesterday I shared how a bit of lemon-lime soda could be used to volumize your hair; well shaving cream does the same thing. Just apply a bit of shaving cream to the roots of your damp hair then blow dry as usual. Use it sparingly, though, as shaving cream can rob natural oils from your hair and make it dry.

Hairdo Fix

Have a few errant strand of hair or a curl that just won’t stay in place? Use a small piece of scotch tape beneath the strands to force it into submission. Because the tape is transparent, it won’t be seen (but do opt for a matte finish tape instead of the shiny kind).

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