Friday, June 24, 2011

June 24, 2011: Organic Garden Bug Repellant Recipe

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My vegetable garden is rather haphazard this year; that’s due to not getting the soil in my regular garden plot properly prepared. Instead, I decided to plant my peat pots of fledgling veggies started from seed all over the yard – I’ve got some in the front flower bed, some in the back yard flower bed, some still in pots. It may not be a very organized way to plant a garden, but so far it’s working!

The only problem is an abundance of pests who hop all over the plant leaves and much away, creating holes and stunting the growth of my vegetables. I did some research in a couple of my organic gardening books and found out that bugs usually don’t like anything smelly or spicy hot. So… this is the formulation I came up with to defend against hungry bugs.

Organic Garden Bug Repellant Spray

3 cloves garlic, crushed
1 T. dried minced onion
¼ cup dried red chile powder (can substitute dried red chile pods)
½ cup plain vinegar
½ cup hot water

Combine all ingredients in a jar and let sit overnight. The next morning, strain the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray on plant leaves, being sure not to forget the undersides.

So far so good - the only downside is that every time I use it, I crave red chile enchiladas. *sigh* I’ll let you know at summer’s end whether it worked to keep the pesky pests away from my precious veggies!

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  1. You need to let me know if you can stay skinny thinking about enchiladas all the time. I have no will power!