Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26, 2011: Mama’s Macaroni Salad

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I got an unexpected visit from my dad and stepmom last week; as soon as I heard they were headed up to see me, I sprang into action in the kitchen. One of dad’s favorite dishes is the macaroni salad my mom used to make. Now that she is gone, I am the only one who can duplicate it.

To the best of my knowledge, this is Mama’s recipe.

Tip: Be sure to taste the dressing often so that it has just the right mix of sweet and tanginess since all measurements are approximate.

Mama’s Macaroni Salad

One 1 lb. box macaroni
2 cups mayonnaise (not Miracle Whip)
1 T. fresh lemon or lime juice
1 – 2 T. sugar
Salt and pepper to taste
1 can peas (reserve liquid)
1 can spam, diced
½ cup minced onion
3 hard boiled eggs

Cook macaroni per directions on the box; drain and rinse with cool water.

In a large bowl, mix together mayonnaise, lemon juice, sugar, salt and pepper. Slowly add a bit of the liquid from the canned peas, about ¼ cup. Taste and adjust seasonings as necessary. Add macaroni, peas, spam and onions and toss together. Slice hard boiled eggs and lay across the top of the salad. Sprinkle with paprika.


  1. Mmmm......wish the family actually ate real food. Bring some over for me?

  2. Wish I could, Tami. But I've eaten some for you, if that makes you feel any better!