Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 17, 2011: Recipe for Organic Garden Soil

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Usually I’m the one to provide all the recipes but while browsing around the Sweet Corn Organic Nursery site recently I found this terrific recipe for creating soil that is ideal for growing vegetables. I wish I had found this earlier in the year, but I’m going to keep the recipe for use next spring. You could also try this for starting a garden that will grow late season vegetables. Our growing season is so short I’m afraid I don’t have time.

You can find the recipe for perfect vegetable gardening soil for organic gardening here.
Jalapeno pepper plants we bought from Sweet Corn Organic Nursery - they already have small peppers growing!

While you’re there, check out their other products for amending your soil. We bought some of the MegaPepe fertilizer while we were at the nursery recently and added that to the soil in the containers for all our veggies. It’s too soon to tell what difference it makes, but we’re hoping for some nice-sized jalapeno peppers and tomatoes.

I love fresh veggies and I can almost taste them now! Can't wait until mine are big enough to pick! How about you? How is your garden going this year?

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