Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 6, 2011: Good Morning Fruit Smoothie Recipe

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I’ve been on a real fitness kick lately so I can tone up and shed a few pounds (could my upcoming 30 years high school reunion have anything to do with it?). Every morning I get up and wake up my niece and we go for a brisk walk in the park or around the house (OK, she jogs and I do spurts of walking/running). When we get back home, sweaty and tired, I whip up a fruit smoothie for a delicious way to start the day.

Although I often mix up the specific ingredients, the basic recipe is as follows:

Fruit Smoothie

1 cup diced fruit*
1 cup ice
1 container light Activia yogurt
½ cup fruit juice* (or fruit juice concentrate for a thicker, icier concoction)
½ cup 2 % milk or coconut or almond milk

Throw the fruit in your blender and pulse until pureed (add the juice at this time, if necessary). Add ice and blend until smooth. Add remaining ingredients and continue to blend until there are no more chunks of ice.

*Try a variety of fruits and juices. Some of our favorites are pineapple or mango with orange-pineapple-mango juice or coconut milk, peaches with apple strawberry juice, bananas and strawberry with apple strawberry or orange juice. Since there’s so little yogurt, the flavor doesn’t really matter but we enjoy peach or raspberry. You could also use plain yogurt with a bit of vanilla extract to reduce calories.

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