Friday, October 21, 2011

October 21, 2011: Bologna Recipes for National Bologna Day

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National Bologna Day is actually October 24th (how do they figure out when to schedule these odd holidays anyway?) but I thought you might want to get your appetite whetted beforehand for this momentous occasion.

I have fond memories of my childhood eating a bologna sandwich made with a slather of mayo on soft wheat bread and nothing else. I used to love bologna but haven’t eaten it in eons for some reason. Maybe because it’s kind of a mystery meat. But it still tastes good. It’s kind of like liverwurst (or braunschweiger for you purists) – it’s a tasty food until you know what’s in it.

So, courtesy of The Arizona Republic, here are some simple recipe ideas to celebrate National Bologna Day:

Pork and Beans

Dice up a couple slices of bologna and add it to a can or pork and beans or baked beans for extra flavor.

Bologna Hot Dogs

Roll up a few slices of bologna so they resemble a hot dog and place it in a hot dog bun with mustard and relish.

You can also substitute bologna for:
Canadian bacon in Eggs Benedict
Ham in a Ham and Potatoes Au Gratin casserole
Bacon slices in almost any recipe – fry up bologna instead

There you have it. Celebrate National Bologna Day on Monday with these easy peasy recipe ideas.