Thursday, November 24, 2011

November 24, 2011: Last Minute Decoration Ideas For Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

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Have you got your turkey in the oven? The stuffing made? Dessert ready for the table? What about a centerpiece and decorations for your Thanksgiving table?

If you’ve thought of everything but how your table is going to be decorated, don’t despair. Chances are you’ve got the perfect decorations to make a last minute centerpiece right in your own home or yard.

Take a look at these ideas to make your Thanksgiving table a bit more festive:

*Take a walk outside and gather up pinecones, cattails, wildflowers or leafy plants. Take a large glass vase and fill it with apples or oranges, then stick your outdoor plant items in between. This makes a lovely, natural centerpiece.

*Core several apples and brush insides with lemon juice to prevent browning. Place a votive candle inside the hollowed out opening. Line them up on a mirror or pretty platter and light just before eating.

*Don’t have enough napkin rings to go around? Use a pretty ribbon tied around each napkin to place on dinner plates. This makes even paper napkins look nice!

*Head to the pantry for centerpiece or d├ęcor inspiration. Use cinnamon sticks, whole allspice, herb sprigs and cinnamon candies to sprinkle on a platter with a candle or flower arrangement in the center. Or stud oranges with cloves. Not only do these look nice, they smell good, too!

*For an even more festive dining room, use your scrapbooking skills to make Thanksgiving pictures like this one.

And, as a special Thanksgiving bonus for my readers, I’ve included here a free Designer Pack courtesy of My Memories software. To download it, just click on the picture below; this designer pack is compatible with any type of scrapbooking software. If you want to order the My Memories Suite (the latest version just came out!) use code STMMMS98943 at checkout to receive a $10 discount, courtesy of me!


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