Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1, 2011: Christmas Decorations on the Cheap

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Ah, December…the month best known for its Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations. Since I’m a Christian, I can’t really comment on the Jewish holiday, but I can say that every year I look forward to celebrating the birth of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Sure, I get caught up in the secular version of this holiday just like anyone else. I love shopping for presents for my loved ones and decorating my home and especially baking all sorts of goodies to give away and present at parties. But I try to always slow down long enough to read my Bible and sense the anticipation Joseph and Mary must have felt as they awaited the birth of the Christ child. And I especially enjoy Christmas Eve service at church, enjoying the fellowship of other Christians and seeing the wonder in the eyes of the littlest congregants.

Do you need some help with your Christmas decorating this year? Even if you’re on a very strict budget, there are lots of cheap or even free ways you can dress up your home for the holidays. Here’s just a few of the things I recommend:

Baskets are great and work well for decorations during any holiday. Although the basket I’m showing here is red and green, you can use a plain one dressed up with a big bow or ribbon in the right colors. I added pine cones I found in my yard and spray painted with gold paint, a silk poinsettia, and a piece of pine bough from our (real) Christmas tree.

This is a little decoration I added to my bathroom window sill. The base is just a plastic tray I found in my kitchen and covered with aluminum foil; then I added several colorful ornaments and another spray painted pine cone.

One thing I never do is throw away a pretty greeting card. This is one my DMIL made for me last year at Christmas. I just put it in a frame and voila! Instant Christmas wall décor! BTW, I’ve done much the same in other rooms of my house – wherever I have a small picture frame, I’ve replaced the photo with a Christmas card or scene for this month. Absolutely free and pretty to boot!

I’ll bet you’ve got some holiday-themed cookie cutters around the house (and if not, head over to your local thrift store and find some for pennies!). Arrange them with a selection of holiday cookbooks and you’ve got an instant decoration that looks right at home in the kitchen!

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