Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012: My Year of Recipe Blogging

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Well, the day has finally come. It was exactly a year ago today that I began this odyssey of blogging about recipes. After watching the wonderful movie, Julie and Julia, I was inspired to turn my existing writing blog into one where I would share with my readers each and every day for a full 365 days.

Over the past year, I tried new recipes (my husband gave me mixed reviews on those and often lamented that he just wanted to go back to the “old, regular” food he was used to), shared old favorites (and had a lot of fun revisiting the stories that went along with those recipes), and ways to clean and decorate your home on a budget (I’m still learning new ways to do that!). The fact that I needed to post each and every day pushed me to try new things, go new places and stay busy changing my home environment.

My story may not have drawn the attention of a major publisher like Julie’s did, but the experience was a good one for me. I’m a freelance writer in real life and so often I focus my efforts only on writing for other people. Over the past year, I made it a priority to write for me, too.

For all my faithful subscribers, I hope you’ve enjoyed the past year of posts and will stick with me in the future. I’m not going to abandon you or this blog, but I am going to take it a bit easier and not feel the need to post every single day. And for anyone new visiting my blog, please sit back and read over the past year of posts. There’s lots of good stuff there and if you’re looking for a recipe using a particular ingredient or for a particular purpose, just put a search term in the box on the right to quickly find what you need. Posts are generally divided into food recipes, home improvement recipes, beauty product recipes and natural cleaning products recipes.

I’m signing off for now but I’ll be back soon!

All my best,

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