Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Review of the Ebook, Invisible by Kimber Chin


By Kimber Chin

The first person she made disappear was herself

Available now in ebook format from Champagne Books

Maeve Delaney is a woman with a lot of issues as the result of a past filled with disappointment, hurt, and hard times. Hagen Rayner is the rich grandnephew of Birger, Maeve’s dear friend who dies shortly after the beginning of the tale.

Birger’s death, however, does not mean that he is no longer in their lives. The old man’s will stipulates that in order for Hagen to inherit the big, old family home filled with antiques and artwork Hagen has accumulated for his granduncle, Hagen must go on a treasure hunt to find the deed. The only person allowed him to help in this venture is Maeve.

So begins the chase across the globe to find the house deed and the quickly developing romance between Maeve and Hagen. The biggest obstacles to their success in both ventures is Hagen’s financially overextended cousin, Dag, and his wife, Isabelle, long the object of Hagen’s desire.

Kimber does an excellent job of creating the characters. Maeve’s current fears and her past trials and tribulations are truly heart wrenching. Hagen, for all his intelligence and business savvy, comes across as a big, lumbering bear of a man with a heart of gold. Their journey to find the hidden treasure makes both of them aware of some rather difficult-to-swallow life truths along the way. Watching them grow and mature is indeed a pleasure to the reader. It is not until the very end that the purpose of each of the clues planted by Birger becomes known and Maeve and Hagen finally figure out the old man’s true motivation.

My interest was kept until the very last page. I would highly recommend this intriguing suspense novel with a rather unique take on romance to anyone who enjoys a good read which will keep them turning the pages. Kimber’s style is not flowery, and reminds me somewhat of Janet Evanovich in terms of her ability to move along the plot at a good pace. Personally, I can’t wait to see what Kimber’s got up her sleeve next. This was a great job on her second published novel.


  1. Woo hoo! I can comment!

    Thank you SO much Candace for the absolutely smurfy review.
    Can you tell I'm a creature of the 80's?

    I love Hagen.
    And Maeve, I just want to give the girl a hug.

    Is it strange to love your own characters?

  2. It's an awesome book. I don't think it's strange to love your characters. I love all of mine and Maeve and Hagan are great characters.