Monday, March 2, 2009

Master's Mistress Now Available

Master's Mistress

by Patricia Bates

Historical Romance

Published March 1, 2009 by Champagne Books

In a world of betrayal and murder, a vibrant Celtic slave woman holds the key to her Viking master’s heart.

My dear friend, Patricia Bates, realized a dream when her first full-length novel was released Sunday, March 1st from Champagne Books.

I had the pleasure of reading this book before publication. Patricia has a very distinct style to her writing and a masterful way of creating characters the readers can genuinely care about.

Amoda Ni Cormac is a slave meant for a member of Viking royalty as a wedding present from his father. It is Olaf's brother, Mykyl, however, who yearns to have the beautiful and intelligent slave as his own. Although she resists, in the end, Amoda cannot deny her own attraction for the handsome and virile Mykyl.

Although the plot of a lord falling in love with his slave is a familiar one, Patricia freshens this wonderful tale with her well-paced writing and strong characterization. You will fall in love with Lord Mykyl and feel compassion for the slave, Amoda, whom he will do anything to possess. Accurate history and vivid descriptions make Master’s Mistress a certain to be a favorite with anyone who loves rich historical romance set in medieval Europe.

Visit Champagne Books and check out Patricia's great novel today.

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