Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Naughty and Nice 2009

As we close in on the remaining two weeks before Christmas, it seems Naughty and Nice lists are popping up everywhere. Yesterday John Stossel teased his list compiled on which retailers were Christmas-friendly and which were not on Fox News. In this age of Top and Bottom 10 lists, I thought I’d add my own thoughts on some random subjects from the year 2009 that remind me of what’s good and bad in the world right now.

State Government

Naughty: The Massachusetts school that removed the Christmas tree and replaced it with two perfectly secular and perfectly boring snowmen. Oh, and now they’ve taken the candy canes and Santa Clauses out of their school holiday gift store.

Nice: Arizona governor Jan Brewer who had the chutzpah to rename the capitol’s holiday tree a Christmas tree and call it like it is.

Health Care

Naughty: The part of the proposed national Obamacare plan that taxes such medical devices as catheters, blood pressure testing equipment, and diabetes and CPAP supplies costing over $100. The economy’s bad enough as it is without the Feds being so Scrooge-like.

Nice: The lawmakers who are opposing federally funded abortions. I believe women should have the right to make a choice, but I don’t think taxpayer dollars should pay for it.


Naughty: Banana Republic and Gap, for not using the word Christmas anywhere in their stores, advertising or website but not being afraid to push gift giving, in other words for being so PC yet so annoying.

Nice: Macy’s for being a true icon of the Christmas season with their elaborate window displays and beautiful decorations.

Naughty: The 5th Avenue New York retailer featuring live models changing clothes in front of spectators on the street.

Nice: Bass Pro Shops for providing Santa’s Workshop with fun Christmas activities for impressionable young children.


Naughty: Proposed cap and trade legislation that will make Americans’ utility bills rise dramatically, another Scrooge-like and totally unnecessary cost for Americans already suffering the loss of jobs and the recessionary economy.

Naughty Honorable Mention: The Copenhagen global warming conference coordinators who nixed a Christmas tree at the facility.

Nice: The UK researcher who was brave enough to leak emails revealing the lies and deceit behind global warming claims, the so-called "Climate-Gate".

Naughty: The Washington State capitol building policy that last year allowed a sign from atheists decrying Christmas and Christianity. They’ve now been reduced to allowing nothing from anybody to celebrate the season.

Nice: The West Yorkshire Probation Service for making inmates read the letter from a scared little girl asking the robber of her family’s home why he did it.


Naughty: The CBS network for producing a commercial that turns Frosty the Snowman into a sexual, porn-loving monstrosity.

Nice: Okay, not nice but funny is the kid in Idaho who stuck his tongue on a frozen flagpole a la Ralphie in “A Christmas Story”.

Can you think of any more? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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