Monday, January 4, 2010

It's That Time Again: Preditors & Editors Book Poll

Every year, Preditors & Editors holds a contest for the best book in several categories, best publisher, best cover art, etc. for fiction and nonfiction published in the prior year. If you've never heard of Preditors & Editors, the site is a valuable resource for anyone in the publishing industry listing publishers, agents, and submission guidelines for all genres and types of publications. They post information without bias, and let others know about possible scams and bad publicity (hence the name) - a very constructive compendium.

The annual poll allows anyone to nominate a book, author, artist or editor and vote on the selections. It is only open for two weeks, this year from January 1st to January 14th.

I personally nominated Amanda Kelsey for her fabulous work on the cover art for Suspicion of Love. She did such a fantastic job getting every little detail just right I feel she really deserves the honor. If you want to vote for her you can access the poll here:

Of course there's lots of great Champagne books and authors, there, too, as well as Champagne being up for best publisher. Then there's my last release as the sole author, Full Throttle. If you've read it and liked it, please consider placing your vote. Use this link to take a look and vote on your favorites in all categories:

And if you can, I encourage you to support Preditors & Editors. You can find out more about them and make a donation at

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