Wednesday, January 13, 2010

News on the Book Front

Have to share the first review Big Mike and I have received for Veil of Deception. Reviewer Dawn with Love Romances and More gives Veil of Deception a 4.5 out of 5 hearts rating:
If you enjoy a suspenseful romance that keeps you guessing even as you flip the pages, then grab VEIL OF DECEPTION. Both these authors will keep you on your toes, jumping at shadows until the very climatic ending and then you’re eager to read it again. I definitely will be going back and reading this again in the future as it stays with you even after the last page is read. Run, don’t walk, to pick up the latest book from these two talented authors and be prepared to get lost in the mystery of Spenser Lake. I look forward to more collaborations between these two in the future.

Read the rest of the view here.

Full Throttle is now available in paperback. For all of you readers who prefers a print book you can hold in your hands, this one is only $13.95 and can be purchased here.

Also got a new review for Full Throttle. Mickey with You Gotta Read Reviews gives Full Throttle a "You Need to Read" rating (which is basically 4 out of 5 stars)?
The character studies are wonderfully detailed and vivid. I love the interactions between Sam and Linc as they work through their their individual problems, how those situations impact their lives and any potential relationships that they are trying to develop with each other and the people in their lives. Added to this underlying tension is a threat to Sam's well-being that concerns everyone, plus a developing closeness to Linc's young son that surprises them both. Full Throttle is a very enjoyable story, one with all the requisite elements needed to make it a must read book: great characters, superior plot, witty dialogue and surprising twists.
Read the full review here.

Thanks for taking the time to check out both of these books - two of my all-time favorites that I've written to date.

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