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May 10, 2011: Sonoran Hot Dogs Recipe

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What’s a Sonoran hot dog? Other than a really big, tasty meal in a bun, it’s just about everything and the kitchen sink piled on top of a hot dog or two! According to legend, these were initially cooked up in Mexico in the 1960s and quickly found their way across the border to Tucson. They didn’t really become popular until the 1980s or so, when they expanded across the state. Apparently you can even find Sonoran hot dogs in New York City now!

While the ingredients listed below are “traditional”, feel free to edit, delete, or add anything that tempts your tummy. Basically this is just a loaded hot dog overflowing with anything and everything you love to eat!
My version of a Sonoran hot dog, served with cheesy tater tots (which were overkill, BTW)

Sonoran Hot Dogs

4 – 8 hot dogs, each wrapped in bacon
4 bolillos
Fresh minced white, yellow or red onion (or caramelized onions)
Pinto beans or refried beans or chili with beans
Chopped tomatoes
Shredded cheese of your choice
Nacho jalapeno slices or minced green chile
Red or green salsa
Mayonnaise, thinned with a bit of lemon juice

The number of hot dogs you use is based on how big they are and how big the buns are; using the big ones from the bolillo recipe I shared yesterday would require two hot dogs per bun.

Grill or fry the hot dogs until the bacon is crispy.

Split open a bun. Squirt it with mustard and ketchup to taste; place the hot dog(s) on top. Now layer with the rest of the ingredients, ending up with a topping of cheese and a drizzle of the thinned mayonnaise.

Warning: these hot dogs are not only huge, they are addictive! Move over Coney or Chicago dogs – Sonoran hot dogs rule!

Tips: You don’t really need anything else to go with these in order to make a meal except for maybe a light salad. And if you're counting calories... don't!
The bun is extremely important. Plain old hot dog buns from the grocery story just won't do; the bolillos are preferred because they are hardy enough to stand up to all the toppings yet still tender.

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