Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 22, 2011: Using a Cedar Plank for Grilling

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If you’ve never barbecued your fish on a cedar plank before, you’re missing out on a real taste treat. Skinless fish, in particular, absorbs the fragrance of the smoking cedar. Although salmon is the traditional fish to cook on cedar, other types such as cod, halibut, tilapia, tuna or even trout, work just as well.

Just take any piece of cedar (you don’t have to buy the expensive planks they sell at the store; just visit your local building materials store and ask them to cut a length of it into sizes appropriate for your barbecue) and soak it in water for at least one hour before placing on the grill. Place the marinated fish on top, skin side down, and “bake” it, turning once when the fish is almost done. The beauty of this cooking method is that you can use any type of marinade; since the fish isn’t in direct contact with the grill, an oily marinade won’t cause flare ups.

The bottom of the plank will char – just be sure it doesn’t catch on fire! My husband keeps a spray bottle filled with water nearby for putting out flames. The planks are not reusable (trust me on this; I've tried before!).

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