Friday, September 9, 2011

September 9, 2011: Nonstick Kitchen Tips

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After I wrote the first post about miscellaneous tips while working in the kitchen, I got to thinking about a lot more that I’ve used over the years and thought you might find useful. Here’s a list of ways to keep your food from sticking.

Nonstick Frying

Love cooking over easy eggs but hate using nonstick cookware like I do? My stainless steel and cast iron cookware becomes virtually nonstick when I simply spray it with cooking spray, such as Pam, before adding oil and food.

Nonstick Measuring

If you’re making a recipe that calls for a gooey ingredient, like honey, and oil always measure out the oil first. The oil will coat the measuring spoon or cup and allow your gooey ingredient to slide right off!

Nonstick Covers

Anytime you have to cover a cheese-topped casserole dish or freshly frosted cake with aluminum foil, spritz it with cooking spray first. The cheese or frosting won’t stick to it.

Peanut Butter Recipes

Just like the nonstick measuring tip, when you're making peanut butter cookies or a recipe like my Thai peanut sauce recipe, if you spray your measuring utensils with Pam first, you'll have a much easier job of cleaning up afterward!

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