Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Skiing Vacations

A dear friend of ours, Mike, makes plans every year to go skiing with his family in Park City, Utah in February.

Personally, I have yet to ever learn how to snow ski, even though we have a ski resort, Sunrise, located about 40 miles from our home - and it's gotten a lot of snow this year!

But I am curious to find out what's so special about Park City that Mike returns every year for the family vacation. Apparently, he and his sons hit the slopes while his wife relaxes in the lodge without the kids. Now that sounds like a good time. Give me a hot toddy, add in a spa service or two, put me in front of a crackling fire, and I'll be happy staying there for a long time.

In fact, there are some fantastic resorts around the ski area in Park City for Utah Lodging that takes your stay a long step away from the ordinary. Take the Homestead Resort, for instance. They have a spa, golf course, and even a place where you can go snorkeling scuba diving! In Utah! You can also play video games, billiards, ping pong, or just relax with a great book in the library. What a fantastic place for a vacation!

Unfortunately, we are not going to Park City this year. Instead, we are going to see Glenn Beck for his American Revival Tour in Glendale. Since it's also my birthday, we got a nice hotel room with a swimming pool right across the street from Westgate City Center and all its restaurants, bars, and shops. That works for me.

Who knows? Maybe we'll make it to Park City next year and get to stay at the Homestead Resort where I can be pampered while my husband goes skiing. I can dream, can't I?

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