Tuesday, April 6, 2010


After several months of scheming and planning, I am finally making the transition from "Fiction Author" as my online (and offline) identity to "Freelance Writer".

I came to this decision based on a number of factors related to my personal life, income goals, and talents:

* I love to write and freelance work gives me a way to develop that passion while making $$$
* The marketing tasks required of an author with a small, indie publisher were taking up too much time and effort better spent on more important things (like church duties, family events, staying in touch with friends, etc.)
* I desire to provide quality, necessary services, helping people, and writing books just doesn't seem to fill that need.
* Freelance clients love my work writing online content, articles, and eBooks

This was a hard decision to make, in some ways. I still enjoy creative writing and I will probably always continue to wordsmith for myself, but my main focus in now on providing this service for others.

Please visit my website as it goes through a major transformation and feel free to contact me if you have a need for any type of written content.

Candace Morehouse

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