Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011: Kitchen Makeover Recipe

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It’s hard to believe another month has gone by in this busy year. Here in Arizona, since the largest metropolitan areas get so hot earlier in the year, the kids will start school while for much of the rest of the country, there’s still another month of summer to enjoy. Since I don’t have any little ones, I’m with the latter group – although I’ll have to remember to slow down for school zones!

With the fresh new beginning of another month, I thought I’d share with you my kitchen transformation. It didn’t happen overnight; in fact it’s taken us a couple years to buy things here and there. But in true thrifty Candy fashion, I was able to redo my kitchen – including appliances – for just over $2,000. Take a look at the before and after pictures.

What did I spend money on? Here’s a list:

Double ovens $800
Refrigerator $500
Stove top $40
Counter tops $580
Gallon of paint $30
Chef’s mats $36
Cabinet knobs $30

All of the décor and furnishings were bought at yard sales for measly prices. It’s taken me a long time to collect things in the particular shade of green I love but it was well worth it. And the cute rooster dish rack? That was a gift from my mother-in-law.

The only thing left for us to replace is the range hood. And the one last thing I really want? An island to give me extra food preparation space. Right now I’m on the hunt for a piece of marble leftover from an order or installation job that I can pick up really cheap. My dad volunteered (ok, actually, it was my stepmom who volunteered him) to make the island base so it shouldn’t cost much.

For me, the kitchen is the most important room in my house and I’m pleased with the results of my makeover!


  1. Now I am totally and utterly jealous. At least now I can dream I'm in your kitchen and where I will be standing.

  2. Ah, Tami - don't be jealous; my kitchen is very small and I really wish I could do a REAL makeover that included tearing down walls! Someday you will have to come visit and see it in person, I hope!